We Talk of Christ

Christmas Scripture Reading

NOV. 25
How do we talk of Christ?
NOV. 26
How is Christ a light in our lives?
NOV. 27
How has Christ been mindful of you?
NOV. 28
How does Christ help us overcome?
NOV. 29
How do we teach about Christ?
NOV. 30
How do we become heirs of Christ?
DEC. 1
How can Christ help with unfairness?
DEC. 2
What is a Mediator?
DEC. 3
How does Christ gather us?
DEC. 4
How do we teach about Christ?
DEC. 5
Share your testimony of Jesus Christ.
DEC. 6
How does Christ help us with anger?
DEC. 7
Where do you find Christ?
DEC. 8
What can you do with Christ’s help?
DEC. 9
Who can we serve this Christmas?
DEC. 10
How do we remember Jesus Christ?
DEC. 11
How are we saved by Christ?
DEC. 12
How do we acknowledge Christ?
DEC. 13
Who is Jesus Christ to us?
DEC. 14
How do we receive little children?
DEC. 15
How do things bear record of Christ?
DEC. 16
How does Christ’s love cast out fear?
DEC. 17
How do missionaries testify of Christ?
DEC. 18
How can Christ make us mighty?
DEC. 19
Why did Jesus suffer for us?
DEC. 20
Why did Jesus have to die?
DEC. 21
What names does Jesus have?
DEC. 22
How can we make room for Jesus?
DEC. 23
How do prophets help our faith in Christ?
DEC. 24
How can we prepare for Christ’s return?
DEC. 25
Read and share your testimony of Jesus Christ